The story of the "Kevin Bacon's Hoof Dressing" started in my butcher shop near Liège in Belgium (Europe), in the early 80's.

I had just bought a mare with a torn heel, and I couldn't find anything to regrow the horn. A friend advised me to make my own dressing, something my job made easier.



I then met with farriers, veterinarians, and pharmacists to develop a miracle formula. 

I developed a product based on animal fats, vegetable oils and laurel extract (obtained by maceration) that really penetrates the horn to maintain moisture inside the hoof.

The benefits of this plant were not necessarily unknown but by doing the extraction myself, I controlled the active ingredients present.  

Quickly, the results were satisfying. I started to sell it around me until a friend sent the product to the australian show jumping rider Kevin Bacon. He was immediately convinced. I asked him if he would give his name to this Hoof Dressing.

Jean-Jacques RAHIER, founder of the company and former owner

From then on, the small company grew more and more. Making 440 lb (200 kg) of Hoof Dressing once a week goes to two, then three... Due to the ever increasing demand, a network of wholesalers began to be set up worlwide to distribute the products to farriers, veterinarians and tack shops. 


Belgium, France, Switzerland, then England was conquered. The meeting with Billy Crothers, a name in farriery, was decisive. Today, more than 1200 farriers use and sell our products in the United Kingdom.

Available in more than 52 countries, recommended by more than 5,000 farriers in Europe and used by many professional racing and sports stables, we continue to make history with a return to the North American market in January 2022. Yes, we care.