Kevin Bacon’s Frog Shield - NN.U3T6
To maintain the sole and hoof frog

Every day, a horse can spend several hours in stalls, forcing him to stay on a bedding containing urine and manure. On the over side, horses that spend most of their time in the pasture will be exposed to a very wet environment depending on the season. 

The dampness and acidity of the soil can affect the soles and frogs of our horses, often making them fragile or even damaged.



Frog Shield is a remarkable product recommended by most farriers, riders and horse professionals in the industry. It is recommended on frogs and soles that are softened, sensitive, smelly, and/or too thin. Applying Frog Shield to the sole and frog of the hoof during a shoeing renewal and before any silicone application can help maintain the health of the sole, white line and frog. 




Thanks to its integrated applicator brush, the Frog Shield is very simple and quick to use. It adheres perfectly to the sole and frog of the hoof if they are clean and dry. Its regular application will promote good health and optimal development of the hoof, frog and sole tissues. Frog Shield is suitable for all types of horse, in all season, shod or not.

L'avis d'un professionnel




"I use Kevin Bacon's Frog Shield on those of my horses that have sensitive frogs. My farrier, Jerome Champion, recommended the brand to me.

Regular application of the product has produced a real, noticeable diference.  The frog improved in very little time and has become much less sensitive. 'Effective' is the best adjective to sum up this product, a must in any stable.

So, if you want to go far with your mount, like me, place your trust in Kevin Bacon's and their numerous products, which are all equally effective!".

- Mathieu Billot,
Olympic and 5* Jumping Rider

Mode d'emploi
Brush out the sole, clefts, and frog meticulously (without using water!) and remove all dirt and necrotic tissue. Shake the bottle a few seconds before applying.
Prevention: 1 application a week.
Damaged frogs: 1 application
Severely damaged frogs: 1 application a day for 3-5 days (depending on severity).

You may also apply Frog Shield as often as needed.

Package size and net content: 7 fl oz (190 ml) bottle.