Kevin Bacon's Manicouagan Clay
A natural astringent that decongests, relaxes, tones, and firms up tissues.

Manicouagan Clay is a natural product that comes from a unique, unpolluted ecosystem:  the Manicouagan Peninsula in Quebec.

This clay contains interstitial seawater that has been imprisoned in the clay since time immemorial. Laboratory analysis reveals the presence of forty-two different atomic elements and a huge diversity of marine plants and algae.


Manicouagan Sea Clay is characterised in particular by high silicate, iron oxide, and alumina concentrations. The marked presence of iron oxide gives it its unique colour.

This type of clay is very rich in potassium, magnesium, and sodium, and particularly rich in iron and calcium.



In practice:


When applied regularly to the legs, Manicouagan sea clay

- helps preserve well-defined tendons,
- firms the tissues, and
- cools down the limbs.

Mode d'emploi
Daily use or after intense effort :

Apply a 3/4” (2 cm) layer of Manicouagan sea clay over the entire area of tendons and joints to treat.

Let dry.

Rinse off with water the next day as part of the care programme.

For an anti-inflammatory healing effect in the treatment of injuries:

Apply the clay as a poultice.

Cover the area with plastic wrap and a bandage.

Rinse off the leg the next day and re-apply daily.