SaHoMa Inhalation set
Portable nebuliser for horses and ponies

Derived from human medicine, the SaHoMa nebulizer is designed to nebulize liquid solutions into fine particles for inhalation into the horse's airways.

It can be used to safely and conveniently administer conventional medications (e.g. antibiotics, bronchodilators or corticosteroids) as well as natural solutions (e.g. Isotonic saline solution, BitopEqui).

The SaHoMa is simple and quiet to use.

It runs on a rechargeable battery and is therefore completely portable.

You can walk your horse during his treatment to reduce the stress he may feel.

L'avis d'un professionnel

"The nebulizer is the easiest one I've used so far :

- the sealing ring fits all horses, from small to large, noses and because it fits well no product is lost in the air. 

- the battery is rechargable so you can use it anywhere at any time.  

- and the fact that its soundless it doesnt scare the horses. 

I can really recommend this machine to anyone who needs a nebuliser for their horses".

- Lisa Nooren, Nooren's Stables.

Mode d'emploi